Kirklees Festivals and Events Social Impact Assessment

Kirklees Council

Ongoing visitor opinion surveys for Kirklees festivals, focussing predominantly on the social impact of the festivals and building on the previous economic impact assessment. Methodologies included on street interviews, large scale handouts, and stakeholder questionnaires conducted both face-to-face and over the telephone.

Young People’s Activity Team Service Review

Kirklees Council

Service review of YPAT to identify client needs; understand the risks associated with implementing changes to the service i.e. what implications would changes have on the disabled children accessing the service, what impact would it make to their families and siblings and what risks would changes have in relation to other parts of the CWDU service delivery; establish unit costs for the delivery of the service and identify the potential for budget savings.

Headingley Carnegie Ashes Test 2009 / One Day International 2010 Impact Assessment

Yorkshire Forward / Amion Consulting

800 face-to-face interviews with spectators and 200 interviews with businesses at Headingley Ashes events in 2009 and 2010 to assess the impact of the events on the area and the local economy.

Yorkshire’s Magnificent Attractions Group

Exit Surveys

2 year contract to carry out 400 exit surveys per attraction at 8 visitor attractions in Yorkshire in 2009 and 10 attractions in 2010. The exit interviews will be face-to-face and carried out at both peak and off peak times.

The exit surveys will inform future marketing budgets and spend and attraction strategies for development. Attractions involved in the project include Jorvik, Magna, Eureka, York Castle Museum, Thackray Museum, Royal Armouries, Yorkshire Wildlife Park and the National Coal Mining Museum.

Customer Insight Survey

Kirklees Highways Agency

Face-to-face interviews with 875 visitors and local residents of the Kirklees district, spread out across the area's seven localities. Quota sampling used to ensure a cross-section of genders, ages, and residence.

Holyhead Gateway Appraisal

Anglesey County Council

400 face-to-face interviews with travellers passing through Holyhead Ferry port during the Christmas period. The project aimed to gather information on the economic potential of regeneration of the terminal and the facilities nearby.

Trend Analysis

Children with a Disability Unit (Kirklees Council)

Trend Analysis detailing and forecasting the development of need for Children accessing the CWDU's services.