Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Audience development and new visitor attraction research

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) has been on a programme of development since it opened in 2009. Throughout its life, we have been its research partner, initially through YAG and subsequently at a bespoke level. Research is absolutely at the heart of everything that YWP does. In a recent conversation with Cheryl Williams, the CEO, she made it clear that the research we do underpins all of the key strategic decisions that the park makes. This includes informing the plans for a major £50 million transformation of the park over the next few years.

We regularly conduct the following research:

  • Exit survey programmes
  • Online survey of ticket holders
  • Online survey of annual pass holders
  • Secondary data analysis of key Visit Britain and Visit England statistics
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Market potential analysis

The value of our work has been apparent as YWP plans for its major investment. We have been involved in;

  • discussions with potential investors as they conduct their due diligence
  • provided economic impact and market potential research evidence that has informed investment decisions
  • provided evidence for the planning application
  • informed the marketing strategies, operational strategies and investment strategies of the YWP senior team.

YWP is a success story that has utilised the research evidence that we have conducted to inform and contribute to its ongoing strategies.

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